Box Braids

Hair is parted in boxes and plaited with weave. Hair is not included. Add $100 for butt length.

Time Estimate: 4:30

Price range: 125-250


We will discuss all of your hair concerns and the solutions during this period.

Time Estimate: 0:30

Price range: 25-25

Crochet Braids

Your natural hair is braided down to the scalp, and then pre-braided/twisted hair of your choosing is installed with a latch hook. A protective style.

Time Estimate: 2:30

Price range: 150-150


Hair is braided to scalp and the hair of your choice is looped in with a crochet hook.

Time Estimate: 2:30

Price range: 125-250

Deep Condition

A penetrating conditioner is applied, and you are placed under the dryer for about 15-20 mins.

Time Estimate: 0:30


Knotted and matted hair is combed out until smooth and manageable . Fee may be applied if you do not comb your hair out after taking braids down.

Time Estimate: 1:00

Price range: 30-40

Faux Locs/Goddess Locs

Your hair is individually braided and then wrapped with strands of textured synthetic/human hair to form a natural looking Loc. A protective style. Price increases by length and width.

Time Estimate: 4:00

Price range: 200-400

Feed In Ponytail

6-8 Feed in braids into a ponytail. ($15 additional To add small braids)(Hair not included )

Time Estimate: 2:00

Price range: 80-175

Feed-In Braids

2 for $45 +$15 for each additional braid.

Time Estimate: 2:00

Price range: 45-120

Full Sew In

No leave out, Protective style. Lots of options to choose from. shaping cut is included. (To add a lace closure is an additional $50)

Time Estimate: 2:45

Price range: 175-225